Miguel Ferrer aka Miguelito Superstar aka Antonio Futuro runs Siberia, the recording studio for AGON's original material. He has been doing so for over 20 years, producing records by artists such as Joe Bataan or spanish legend Peret, as well as by his own band, Fundacion Tony Manero, arguably the most important discofunk band in Spain. His skills and soulfulness behind the decks are one of AGON's biggest assets when it comes to original compositions. Mr Sureshot.


Paco is the youngest in the band, yet superexperienced: he's one of the most respected live sound technician in the land, but also deeply involved in the spanish hip hop scene. He produces his own beats under the PVCO moniker, and knows the tastes of the younger generations by heart. Both his skills sculpting the freshest sounds and his street cred are now available for AGON's projects.


Francisco is film music. He scores for film, TV series & advertising while releasing his own material. Always studying, exploring, learning: be it classic piano or Film Scoring at Berklee School of Music, Berkley or London, he has studied (and continues to do so) with illustrious teachers worldwide. He is now a key figure in AGON's original compositions.


AGON has a wide range of accomplices that fill in for the band when the projects require specialization: a great roster of musicians, AV editors, journalists, musicologists, diggers and even a psychologyst.

AGON proposes dynamic and tailored teams, meeting the needs of each project, unique, and an intensive use of technology to connect talent and generate genuine narratives, creative & profitable.


Finding the perfect sound is useless if you cannot use it. This premise is key in the AGON modus operandi, and so is developing Efficient Licensing Dynamics. Streamlining this process together with a firm of intellectual property lawyers will lead to better sounds and more and faster profit.

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