Through this window AGON shares its proactivity: ongoing experiments, influences, related projects,..., everything worth sharing. And, above all, music. A whole lotta music.

CHAPTER 2: Spot the  Differences

This exercise of style comes in handy to explain the differences between the various available sound sources: original music, production music and libraries.


Audio: Dizio - Beemer

Library: Artlist, 2019


Audio: Jamie Lidell - I live to make you smile

Label: Jajulin Records, 2016



BLEED VFX, an innovative Argentinian digital image processing company (, included in one of its 2019 reels a soundtrack extracted from Artlist, a platform that provides song libraries for use in audiovisual synchronization. In this case, Beemer from Disiac. A cheap and effective option.

On the other corner, another treatment of the same video, this time selecting a song by Jamie Lidell, a prestigious artist in the underground scene who achieves a unique sound. His songs are conceived as culture, not only as commercial products intended for commercial use. In a 100% punk act, AGON applies this song directly to the previous video, without simultaneous editing of the image, considering this video a song to sync with our new audio, just like a dj would do sync two songs. This tailoring comes after an intense process of analysis, trial and error until reaching the chosen song: cadence, swing, tonality, texture, vocal message, etc ... context and a different perspective to the images.

Every business situation is different, and finding the best solution for each situation is what we do. There are no obvious better or worse solutions, it depends on each project and its specifications. AGON provides contexts, so adapting is our modus operandi .

“All of those [dj] skills helped me hone my abilities as a music supervisor. Once I was sitting with music editors and directors, I could flex the same sets of muscles, and bring the [...] same records I took to dj gigs. It was a more intimate conversation than in clubs, but it was about the same thing, which is trying to find the right songs for the moment”

Jason Bentley

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