Finding the right soundtrack for an audiovisual product is arguably the original enviroment for music supervision. here at AGON we like the originals, we adore genuinity. And we love to imagine contexts, sonic enviroments to enhance narratives.

We channel contents sourced every possible way: original compositions, library music and production music, and we do so for film, TV, videogames, advertising, and other formats. We'd love to discover new ones, we'll make them sound amazing.

Commerce/ Corporate services


Like tailors, we work sound branding just like others do with (more obvious) visual branding, giving just as much importance to the sound as they do with the image.

AGON has crafted Enviromental Soundtracks for some of the most important hotels in Barcelona. And we tailored those soundsuits especially for each occasion.

The concept of Enviromental Soundtrack can be adapted to other structures, such as shops, offices or gyms: it's a powerful corporate communication tool. Music is, and aiming that message in the right direction is what we do here at AGON.

Wether it's finding sound(s) related to a brand or finding an appropiate sonic landscape for an event, the goal is always double and always the same: to find the right sound and to clear it's use.

Culture & Leisure

We offer a wide spectrum of services: from event design & production to curation and artist representation. Every format that allows an interesting narrative is in AGON's scope. Each project is unique, we love to sail uncharted waters and explore new territories in need of a perfect beat.

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