MusicActiva is an experimental project with one very specific aim: to enhance athletic performance through the use of music. Audio sets synced to training patterns. Then, it's all about letting the beat guide the athletes beyond their limits.  Aspect such as emotional and psychologic traits are also considered. Project in progress in several gyms (Barcelona area) , tailored programs for top  professional athletes (Basketball, track&field & fitness)


Alma Hotel Barcelona debuted in Barcelona with a classy soundtrack tailored to refine its elegant atmosphere. Designed by AGON, these soundtracks for the lounge bar, for the garden and for the rooms where checked on-site andupdated periodically. It was the seed of the Enviromental Soundtracks later developed in other top-notch hotels.


Binomis. Series of events curated for Caixaforum. Exclusive  events in which the curators got artists from different cultural disciplines together to design and produce one-time-only events.

Examples include music+illustration, cinema+music, theater+photography and others. Binomis ran for over 2 years in Barcelona and toured some of the other art foundations in Spain.


Hotel Omm/ Grupo Tragaluz.

Luis Costa, legendary barcelonian dj and I ran this club, programming the weekly DJ lineup and acting as resident DJs during more than 3 years, it's golden era, keeping a fine balance between the elegance of the enviroment and the hardcore party mode Upper Barcelona Style.


ESW fuses music and literature into storytelling capsules, visually suported by the legendary Desilence. The convergence of formats enhances the narrative.

this project has been presented in Caixaforum, Kosmopolis literature fest and La Noche de Los Libros, Madrid, among other places.


Jonas Liverod is an old friend of AGON's, and kindly provided some footage of one of his latest works, BIG BANG, to be surrounded and caressed by a suggestive piano soundtrack.

A short teaser to reflect the sensibility embodied in this work of art


This project, developed for Hard Rock Cafe, explains in a pedagogic yet entretaining way the history of rock'n'roll to a school audience. This project has already reached many schools in the Barcelona area, as well as being implemented in other units of the company worldwide.


An ultra hipster lounge was built from scratch and acted as the unofficial meeting point for participants and fans alike in the America's Cup celebrated in Valencia. All aspects related with music (from the design of the soundsytem to the programming of live acts) were carried out by AGON, as part of Sofa Events, for Estrella Damm, one of the biggest beer companies in Spain. 


Expoagua/ Fiestas del Pilar. AGON designed the soundtrack for this groundbreaking pyromusical show. Pioneering mixing classical and pop music, it was the opening for a huge annual party held in Zaragoza, Spain,  and had an audience of over 1 million people. Concept developed for FOCUS/ Desilence

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